If you have ever spent any amount of time trying to research and purchase CBD products, it can quickly become overwhelming. We believe there are a lot of great products on the market with ours being included in that top tier of products. Our business pillars of: Knowledge, Experience, Quality, and Trust, can serve as a starting point in evaluating a company and its products.


Purely Natural CBD partnered with doctors (MD and PhDs) to work with us on formulation, providing education and offering additional advanced personalized nutritional programs. Our experience in the CBD business dates back to 2014 and we have evolved from a single product to hundreds of options for our customers.


The Purely Natural CBD Leadership Team has over 75 years of combined experience in manufacturing, distribution, franchising and retail operations. Our team along with our doctors have dealt face to face with thousands of customers which is uniquely different than many of the online sellers of CBD. Their feedback has helped us to perfect scents, dosages, and clinical feedback.


Some of the things that set us apart:

  • We source our hemp oil from Colorado, Kentucky and Oregon where our seasoned farmers are organic producers with high yield strands of terpene rich CBD.
  • Our extraction process uses the highest quality CO2 equipment to extract the active CBD from the hemp plant material.
  • We test a sample from every one of our batches at one of the finest certified, trusted analytical laboratory in the U.S.
  • We use 100% organically grown and GMO, pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer, and chemical free hemp extract (CBD).
  • We offer CBD isolate and distillate products that have 0% THC in them.



In an industry where CBD is sold and marketed by virtually anyone and almost everyone, establishing trust can be somewhat difficult. We would encourage you to look at what customers are saying about the company through reputable outlets that you can trust. Having said that, the Purely Natural CBD team and our Doctors were selected to be featured as part of the Public Broadcasting Network’s CBD education roll out. We take our business seriously but more importantly….. your good health is our first priority!